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List of Artists.

List of objects see below.


Albrecht Durer

Aldegrever, Heinrich

Algardi, Alessandro

Babieri, Giovanni Francesco

Bartoli, Pietro Santi

Beham, Hans Sebald

Behmer, Hermann

Bergmüller, Johann Georg

Coene IV, Jean

Dietricy, Christian

Dogarth, Oskar Robert

Durer, Albrecht

Eycken, Jean Baptiste van

Guicciardini, Lodovico

Hogenberg, Frans

Hollar, Wenzel

Laer, Pieter van

Leyden , Lucas van

Maitre de l'Échevinage de Rouen

Ortelius, Abraham

Peterssen, Eilif

Plueckebaum, Meta

Schellinks, Willem

Tischbein family

van Eycken, Jean Baptiste

Verschuur, Wouter (Wouterus)

Wierix, Hieronymus

List of objekts


Annunciation to the Shepherds, Miniature,Vellum

Annunciation, Medieval Miniature

Barbara, Saint, manuscripts, Miniature

At the fishmonger

Bouginé, Ernestine Amalie

Buddha Ayutthaya

Buddha Sculpture, Ratanakosin

Catherine, Saint, sculpture

Christopher, Saint, Miniature

Coronation of the Virgin Mary, Miniature,Vellum

Edo Reiseschrein, Edo travelling shrine, Japan

Flight into Egypt, Miniature, 1470 A.D.,Vellum

Flight into Egypt, Miniature, 1480 A.D., Vellum

Geburt Christi,Pergament, Miniatur

Gefangennahme Christi, Pergament, Miniatur

Geschichte vom reichen Mann und vom armen Lazarus

Hommage á la Couleur


Infortunium, Beham, Hans Sebald

Joachim and Anna

John, Saint, Evangelist ,Vellum

L'ecuyere au cheval rouge, Chagall

Mariae Heimsuchung

Mary, Saint, with Jesus Child, Miniature

Mary, Saint, with Jesus, Sculpture

Matthew, Saint, Evangelist, Vellum

Meissen Porzellan / Porcelaine



Nativity, Vellum, Miniature

Perl bibel, Pergament, Vellum

Punishment of Cupid

Ratanakosin Buddha Thailand

Saint Barbara,

Saint Catherine, sculpture

Saint Hubertus,Vellum, Miniature

Saint John, Evangelist ,Vellum,Miniature

Saint Mary with Jesus, sculpture

Schedelsche Weltchronik


Story about the rich man and the poor Lazarus.

The high priest rejects Joachim and his sacrifice

The Taking of Christ, Vellum, Miniature

The Visitation of Mary

Transilvania, Map

Visitatio Mariae